Longer Than it Takes to Say Goodbye

‘Longer than it takes to say Goodbye’ is a minimalist musical. Two lovers, Jenny and Richard, tell the story of their affair. The narrative is provided through songs and also a blank verse commentary. Words are the first communication between the lovers, they transmute into feelings and then as the affair becomes more difficult they […]

Wallis Simpson – Vamp or Victim?

Outline of a Musical The story of Wallis Simpson, an American girl from Baltimore USA, who became the Duchess of Windsor when she married Edward VIII, the British king who abdicated in December 1936, becoming the Duke of Windsor. The went to live in France and spent the rerst of their lives virtually in exile. […]

King and Country

“War Changes Everything” What was it like for the men left to fight in 1914? What was it like for those who came back? And the families of those who did not. “King & Country” A powerful music drama about World War 1 Based on 1923 play ‘ The Conquering Hero’ by Allan Moorhouse and […]

CLD – The Real Lewis Carroll

The real story of Charles Dodgson – the shy young mathematician at Christ Church College, Oxford who wrote the ‘Alice’ books as Lewis Carroll. This ultimate Oxford musical uses his absurd ‘Alice’ characters, text and songs to reveal the tragic story of his love affair with Lorina Liddell – Alice’s mother in real life. Meanwhile, […]